Saturday, August 20, 2016

An English child’s experience of WWII

An English child’s experience of WWII
With speaker Elizabeth Browning
Saturday, September 10th
10-11 a.m.
Harrisville Public Library
“I am an English woman, born at the end of 1937, more than a year before the beginning of WW2.  My experience may have been similar to that of other children who lived near London, when the Germans began bombing. The government ordered that all children in big cities, likely to be attacked by air, must be evacuated to a part of the country where it was assumed that we would be safe.
In fact the experiences of the children who were evacuated were quite dissimilar depending on age, class, wealth, individual decisions made by families, and chance. 

I am going to talk about what happened to me and other children that I knew or knew of and have read about and also about the opinions of esteemed psychiatrists and child psychologists at the time. 
I will also talk about the effects on young children like myself of being separated from their families, with little or no understanding of what was happening to them and what kind of issues these experiences manifested then and later on in their lives.”

This program is free and all are welcome!

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